Hasbro Nerf Phoenix Lazertag green dot scopes

Do you want to own a Hasbro Lazertag Phoenix Lazertag red dot scope? Hasbro discontinued the sale of these scopes. The only option was buying one on eBay. Until now! We made a 3D drawing of these scopes, reversed engineered the electronics, made an Injection mold and made 3000 copies.

These are the differences with the original scopes:

  • It is a green dot scope, instead of a red dot scope
  • The shell is orange, instead of yellow or blue
  • They do fit easily on the Phoenix guns but the sliding on and off is a little bit less smooth than the originals (but this is nothing to worry about).

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Hasbro Phoenix LTX green dot scope

The green dot scopes

The scopes are only compatible with the Hasbro/Tiger Lazertag Phoenix guns. They have a power connector at the bottom that connects with a 2V port on the top of the Phoenix laser tag guns.

The scopes are having the same color as the battery tray of the Phoenix guns (orange) and look nice on the blue and yellow guns.

Hasbro Phoenix LTX green dot scope with guns
Hasbro Phoenix LTX green dot scope

Purchase the scopes

We made these green dot scope for the Lazertag community and for our Lazertag rental business. We do not own 3000 laserguns (not yet :)) so we are selling the scopes we do not use. If you buy a lot of scopes you get a very sharp price. Please note that we send these scopes from Belgium (Europe). If you live outside the European Union you may have to take into account import taxes.

Number of scopesPrice / scope
1-103.5 Euro
11-203 Euro
21-302.5 Euro
31-….2 Euro


The price for one scope is 3.5 Euro. If you buy more than 10 scopes the price is lower.

Please note that this is the price for the scopes. You will also have to pay shipping costs and/or transaction costs  (see below).

Importing and reselling

Our pricing model encourages buying many scopes at once. Do you want to purchase and resell the scopes in large numbers? No problem, go ahead!

Keep in mind that the scopes are a copy of a discontinued Hasbro toy. We didn’t ask Hasbro if we were allowed to copy this scope (because we probably already knew the answer). We do not sell the scopes to get rich, we sell them to encourage the Lazertag community to grow.

Payment methods

We accept a broad range of payment methods. Unfortunately, we have to add transaction cost for most payment methods. The payment methods without additional transaction costs are:

  • Bitcoin
  • IBAN bank transfer
  • iDEAL

The following payment methods are available:

Credit cards

We accept the following credit cards: Mastercard, Maestro, Visa and American Express.

If you want to pay with one of these cards we have to add 5 Euro transaction costs.

Sofort banking

You can pay with Sofort banking (popular in Germany). We have to ask an additional 2,5 euro transaction costs.

Pay pal

We accept pay pal.

If you want to pay with pay pal we have to add 6,5 Euro transaction costs.

Payment methods without additional costs

If you pay with one of the following methods, we do not charge any transaction costs!

  • Bitcoin (worldwide)
  • IBAN bank transfer (European Union)
  • iDEAL ( the Netherlands)
accepted payments

Shipping costs

The shipping costs stay the same. It doesn’t matter if you buy 1 or 100 scopes. Please note that we ship the scopes from Belgium. If you live outside the European Union you will probably have to pay import taxes.

Belgium6 Euro
The Netherlands, Germany, France10 Euro
UK13 Euro
USA16 Euro

Order form

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