Falcon Lazertag sensor

The Falcon sensor is a multi-game sensor for laser games. The sensor is compatible with the Tiger/Hasbro Lazertag branch ( Team ops, Phoenix LTX, LTAR ). It’s compatible with solo, team and hosted games.

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2 falcon sensors

The sensor

The sensor pcbs is build into a head light. You can put it on your head, attach it to a tree, or put it on your dog and transform your pet into Laser Tag dog!

Falcon sensor inside

The sensor has these components:

  • Button ( Press and release at the right moment for game selection )
  • Multicolor led ( For game selection, game functions )
  • IR receiver ( sensitive up to 30m in daylight )
  • IR transmitter ( shooting distance 30m in daylight )
  • Buzzer ( Game functions )
  • CPU ( Game logic )


Falcon Sensor : multi game Lazertag sensor for laser games

The games

Zombie sensor

In this game, every player has to wear a Falcon sensor on his head. The group is divided into two teams, the zombies, and the humans. The zombies turn their sensor on by pressing the button and releasing it when the color led shines red, you are now in zombie mode! The humans leave their Falcon sensor off but have to have a Lazertag gun. The Zombies have to try and tag (with their hand) the humans before the humans can hit their sensor (If they are hit x times their sensor starts to buzz) If the Falcon sensor start to buzz, the zombie has to go back to a zombie cave and start again.

Sentry gun mode

Turn your Falcon sensor into a sentry gun by pressing (and holding) the button until the color led glows green. You are now in sentry gun mode. If you shoot once at the Falcon sensor, the sensor will copy the signal and spit it back out every 2 seconds! This is perfect for guarding your home base or turning your pet or little sister in a formidable lazertag opponent.

Area capture mode

Hold and release the button when the color led glows blue. You are now in area capture mode! In this game, every team gets a color. Team 1 is the blue team, team 2 is the red team and team 3 is the yellow team. The aim of this game is to be the owner of the Falcon sensor for the longest time! Every time a player hits the sensor a counter for that team starts to run. If another team hits the Falcon sensor with his Lazertag gun, the counter of that team starts to run, and the counter of the other teams will stop. If you press the button at the end of the game, it will glow in the color of the team that owned the sensor for the longest time.

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Due to some silly tax and accounting rules, we can offer the Falcon sensor for 20 Euro/sensor to non-EU citizens and companies.

The price for EU citizens is 24 Euro/sensor. If you are a company outside Belgium but inside the European Union we can offer the sensors for 20 Euro each (you have to have a valid VAT number)

We can not give an additional discount for large orders because we do not make any profit! We do this for the Lazertag-community!

Payment methods

We accept a broad range of payment methods. Unfortunately, we have to add transaction cost for most payment methods. The payments methods without additional transaction costs are:

  • Bitcoin
  • IBAN bank transfer
  • iDEAL

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Credit cards

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Payment methods without additional costs

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  • iDEAL ( the Netherlands)
Accepted payments
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Shipping costs

If you place an order we will calculate the exact shipping costs for your order. But here are some examples of the shipping costs:

DestinationNumber of Falcon sensorsPrice
Belgium1 to 150 sensors6 Euro
The Netherlands, Germany, France1 to 20 sensors10 Euro
UK1 to 20 sensors13 Euro

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